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Contact Manager OS5++ premium - FREE

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Contact Manager OS5++ premium - FREE

Post by ♥ marisa ♥ on Sun 15 Apr 2012 - 20:51

Contact Manager Pro is the ultimate solution to keep detailed track of your contacts. You can add PERSONAL, BUSINESS and HOME profiles to your contacts alongside an unlimited number of notes associated with any contact. When viewing a profile, just CLICK on an e-mail or phone number to send a message or initiate a call. You can also quickly search for a contact by entering just a portion of the contact's description.

BUSINESS profiles: Employer, Employer Address, Department, Title, Business Phone, Business Fax, Business E-mail, Assistant Info, and Manager Info.

PERSONAL profiles: Phone Numbers, Fax, E-mails, Birthdays, Spouse's Info, Anniversaries, and Gift Preferences.

HOME Profiles: Home address, Home phone, Home fax, and Residence Info.


.rar file download


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♥ marisa ♥
♥ marisa ♥

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